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This site aims to point to information on Sri Ramanujacharya, previously Lakshmana in Treta Yuga and Balarama in Dwapara Yuga, and now God’s will-sent savior in Kali Yuga that descended from the spiritual universe (Vaikuntha) for the spiritual upliftment and liberation of mankind, about 1000 years ago. Sri Ramanujacharya systematized and propagated  the true and comprehensive purport of Veda/Vedanta (ancient Veda/Vedanta which was given by Lord Sriman Narayana (God) to Brahma, the first recreated being). It was established that the material universe is very much a real entity albeit of misery and of temporary nature and that living entities are conscious in nature and realize their natural/constitutional state in loving blissful service of God in various relationships (rasas) of God’s choosing; we have limited and imperfect experience of some of these relationships with other living entities in this material world. Not satisfied with showing the ways (Bhakti-yoga/Love, Prapatti/Surrender) to reach the spiritual universe, Sri Ramanujacharya Himself became the means for delivering spirit souls to the spiritual universe in fulfilment of His saviorship. Thus the quintessence of this sath-sampradayam (glorious spiritual tradition) is that solely by Acharyabhimana (savior’s grace), without any sadhana (effort) on its part, a spirit soul can escape samsara (birth/death cycle) and reach the spiritual universe (Vaikuntha) to engage in the highest loving/blissful service to God without being disturbed by interruptions and misery that are natural in this material world. This body of knowledge (and conduct ensuing therefrom) is known as Sri Vaishnavam and it continues to be propagated to this day by disciplic successions of Acharyas/Gurus in the lines of 74 Simhasanadhipatis (successors) that Sri Ramanujacharya established for that purpose. Sri Ramanujacharya being the Uttāraka/Uddhāraka Guru (Deliverer Guru) continues to deliver to the spiritual universe (Vaikuntham), living entities accepted via the present day Sri Vaishnava Acharyas/Gurus called Upakāraka Acharyas/Gurus (Beneficent Gurus), so called because they bestow Ramanuja Sambandham (relationship with Bhagavad Ramanuja) the greatest blessing on the living entities.


More information on Sri Ramanujacharya’s uddharakathvam (Saviorship) can be found at:

Sri Ramanujacharya is also known by the name Emperumanar (more compassionate than God) bestowed by Sri Goshti Purna, one of the preceptors of Sri Ramanujacharya. Another name Udayavar (owner) was bestowed by Sri Ranganatha (God) after He bestowed ownership of the Nitya (spritual) and Leela (material) universes on Sri Ramanujacharya. Sarasvati (Goddess of Learning) gave Him the title Bhashyakara.

Followers of Sri Ramanujacharya are known as Sri Vaishnavas. The six fundamental principles of Vedānta were in the below conveyed to Sri Ramanujacharya by Lord Varadaraja Swamy of Kānchipuram:

  1. I am the Supreme Truth (ahamēva para-tatvam)
  2. I and souls are different (darśanam bhēdamēvacha)
  3. By faith shall men reach Me, their salvation (upāyeshu prapattisyāth)
  4. Thought of Me at time of death is not compulsory on My faithful (anthima smṛiti varjanaṃ)
  5. Release from bondage (moksha) into Vikuntha (The Perfect, The Land of unhampered Freedom and Joy of God) follows immediately on leaving the body (dehāvasāne mokshamcha)
  6. Take shelter of a Srivaishnava Acharya (mahāpūrṇo samāśraya)

The main/flag-bearer Mutt (spiritual seat) for all Tengalai Sri Vaishnavas is the preeminent Vanamamalai (thothadri) Mutt which was established about 550 years ago on the direct orders of Sri Manavala Mahamuni who was a reincarnation of Sri Ramanujacharya and who was held to be His own Acharyan/Guru by Sri Ranganatha (God) Himself. The first Jeeyar (pontiff) of this Mutt is Sri Ponnadikkal Jeeyar (the lotus feet of Sri Manavala Mahamuni) and it is through these lotus feet that all Tengalai Srivaishnavas gain sambandham (spiritual relationship) with Sri Manavala Mahamuni / Sri Ramanujacharya:


ponnadikkAl jIyar – thiruvallikkENi

The content on this site is but a minute manifestation of the unlimited mercy of Paramahamsa ithyadi Sri Kaliyan Vanamamalai Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamivaru (30th Pontiff of the Vanamamalai Mutt):


The current Jeeyar (31st pontiff) of the Vanamamalai Mutt is Paramahamsa ithyadi Sri Madhurakavi Vanamamalai Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamivaru:


One Acharya in Sri Ramanujacharya’s disciplic succession that wrote extensively in English in the late 19th century and early 20th century for the benefit of the western audience  at that time, but now applicable universally is Sri Alkondavilli Govindacharya Swamy. Govindacharya Swamin’s works comprehensively explain the fundamentals of the Sri Vaishnava sampradayam (tradition):



Sri Govindacharya Swamy published many books and articles, some of which have been digitized by Google. The vaibhavam page of Sri Alkondavilli Govindacharya on this website has links to many of the books and articles including the below books on the Life and teachings of Sri Ramanujacharya:

When Swamy’s manuscript of “The Life of Ramanuja” was kept near his “Thiruvaradhana Perumal” (Koil Azhvar), a cobra was seen on the manuscript raising his hood, thereby acknowledging the work, which was taken as a blessing of Sri Ramanujacharya, as Sri Ramanujacharya is himself an incarnation of “Adisesha”.

Sri Govindacharya Swamin’s works comprehensively explain the fundamentals of the Sri Vaishnava sampradaya (tradition). The Suggested Study page has a list of basic study items to get familiarized with the great spiritual tradition that Srivaishnavam is.

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